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Prints are organized by themes under the following headings:

HIV Related Prints

Human Rights Abuse Prints

Emerging Infectious Disease Print

Death Related Prints

Sexuality Related Prints

Art Medicine Actions

HIV Theme

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The New Face of AIDS (2011)_
Everyone Can Be A Leader (2007)
Art For Medicine (2003)
Hurry Up Help Me Africa is Dying (2003)
Pictures That Give Hope (2001)
View of Galveston From the Gay Beach (2001)
Dear Robert (2000)
Emerging Infectious Diseases (2000)
The New Face of AIDS (1999)
Patient Portraits (1999)
Small Framed Portraits (1999)
HIV Patient Portraits (1998)
HIV Framed Portraits (1998)
Lifecycle of HIV Showing Sites of Actions of Medications (1997)
Art as Medicine/Medicine as Art (1997)
The Last Lymphocyte (1997)
How To Use a Male & Female Condom (1995)
HIV Condom Filled Pinata (1993)
1984 AIDS (1990)
Damn It (1987)

Starving African Child with AIDS (1987)

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Unless otherwise noted, all prints are published by the artist. All images Copyright © Eric Avery. All rights reserved.