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Three Trees
My grapefruit trees in San Ygnacio did not set fruit in the Spring of 2017. Perhaps a changing climate contributed, of the reemergence of the Mexican Fruit Fly in the citrus groves of South Texas, causing the USDA to interrupt the citrus cycle. After I picked and shipped last year’s spectacular crops of Ruby Reds, the fruit fly was found in my sour oranges. The quarantine has been lifted in San Ygnacio; hopefully, 2018 will be a better year. 
My artist/photographer friend Roger Haile documented the 2016 harvest. Instead of sending fruit this year, I have made an artist’s book about my 2016 Ruby Reds. I’ve included some art photos my friends sent of their fruit last year. 
The recipe from my San Antonio artist friend Anne Wallace is fantastic: an easy-to-make Pink Grapefruit Sorbet. Because Pink Peppercorns are not easy to find, I’ve sent some along if you want to try the recipe with store-bought Ruby Reds. By the way, the Pink Peppercorn is a member of the cashew family; if you have nut allergies, you’ve been warned. 
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Ruby Reds
Laser Printed Chap Book
4x5", 24 Pages
Edition 120
Designed and Bound by Eric Avery and Dave DiMarchi

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