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Group Exhibition, New York City
212 East 14th Street

November 15-22, 1986

Chris Haile’s New York studio was in an out-of-use building at 210 East 14th Street, on the Northwest edge of the Lower East Side art scene in the 1970s and 80s. Chris lived and worked in the building from 1974 until 1989. This exhibition, in November 1986, included a group of artists who lived and shared studio space in this building. In an effort to control the use of the building, the landlord blocked the use of the entrance at 210; the exhibition was entered from 212 East 14th Street.

Photo credit: Roger Haile, photographer

Chris Haile
Roger Haile
Jenny Leimert
Wes Disney
Eric Avery
Marion Ettlinger
_Karen Feinberg
212 East 14th Street
Letterpress and Monoprint by Chris Haile
210 East 14th Street210 East 14th Street
Chris Haile, Studio
Eric Avery on staircase to third floor studios






Chris Haile, Studio
Chris Haile’s second floor etching studio. On the wall, Eric Avery’s “Martha Kumsa Prisoner of Conscience” and Roger Haile’s drawing.
no text
Chris Haile’s Michael Rockefeller Wing
no textChris Haile’s third floor studio and living room
Jenny Leimert, Studio
Jenny Leimert, Book Artist and Egyptologist, in front of her Egyptian wall mural in her third floor studio.
Eric Avery, Studio
Eric Avery’s third floor studio with “Man, His Last Million Years” etching.
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