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10 Day - 30 Year Print Retrospective
Loft Above Galveston Woodworks

My large scale installation prints were made during the 1990's. Some were used in print actions (underlined) and can be viewed at other places on the website. For the curator visits, I installed these large scale prints in a loft in downtown Galveston, above a woodworking shop.
Looking through "Galveston Magnolias" into loft space.
View into loft with  "Galveston Magnolias" hanging above the stairwell.
"New World Odor" and "Chimera - Our Father of War" seen through "Lymphocyte Laundry"
"Skin of My Mother" ( 8 ½" round photo relief print nipples) installed on wall with"Anencephalic Baby"
"SnoBall and Misty", photo silkscreen poodle prints.
"Chance" (thumbs up or down), linocut on lithograph and "Tatoo", photo lithograph.
"Ancephalic Baby", molded paper woodcut on "The Skin of My Mother".
"Starving African children with AIDS"
"Portraits of Goerge Bush (1st) Mouth - after eating a Mexican meal" seen through "Galveston Magnolias"
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