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10 Day - 30 Year Print Retrospective
45th Street Meeting Hall

Left side of room
View into 45th Street Meeting Hall
Right side of room
"Somalia River" woodcut printed on toilet paper.   Portrait of me in Somalia by Harry Benson.
Starving African Child with AIDS.  On windows, "Galveston Crosses".
Starving African Child with AIDS.  On windows, “Galveston Crosses”.
My first woodcut overprints
"Nicaragua" and "El Salvador" and "View Across the Rio Grande, the River of Death, from San Ygnacio, Texas"
"1984" woodcut printed on Mexican wrapping paper.
"Seasons of the Year by the  Animals Killed in South Texas", linocuts.
"San Ygnacio Blues", reduction linocut."San Ygnacio Blues", reduction linocut.
"Your Turn Jesse, Federally Funded Health Care for Senators", linocut.
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